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Dorm Testing is beginning to be placed on the testing list please sign up for the Dorms Usergroup or post a reply to the dorms classroom/teacher topic.


 Dorm Testing

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Max Maztrex
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PostSubject: Dorm Testing   Dorm Testing I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 02, 2015 12:37 pm


In order to become an Advanced rank member in any dorm you must duel the Dorm Chancellor for that dorm and complete the challenge approptiate to your dorm and win the duel. To be tested for a dorm please leave a message in the approptiate dorm you wish to be tested for or send the Dorm Chancellor a PM.

Dorm Chancellors:

Normal/Tribute: Max Maztrex
Ritual: Daisaku44
Fusion: Evan_Layne
Synchro: YoungR47
XYZ: wesnephy313

Normal/Tribute: Summon The Winged Dragon of Ra and Obelisk the Tormentor and have them both on the field in a total of 5 turns or under.

Advanced Ritual: Summon the Nekroz of Sophia in 5 turns or under.

Advanced Fusion: Summon 2 triple contact fusion monsters in 5 total turns or under

Advanced Synchro: Summon Shooting Quasar Dragon and Stardust Sifr Dragon in  5 turns or under.

Advanced XYZ: Summoning Number C9: Chaos Dyson Sphere using a deck with only LVL 4 monsters in 5 total turns or under

Advanced Pendulum: Summon Odd Eyes Rebellion Dragon using Both Xiangke and Xiangsheng magicians as your pendulum scale and Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon and Dark Rebellion XYZ dragon as XYZ materials in 5 total turns or under.

If you do not complete the challenge but still win the duel you will be awarded the rank of Intermediate member, or if you complete the challenge but do not win the duel you will also be awarded the rank of Intermediate member.
If you fail to win the duel and complete the challenge you will still be permitted as a member of the dorm but with no specialized rank.

(please note you are guaranteed into the dorm you select though your Duelist Rank is determined by your test)
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Dorm Testing
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