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Dorm Testing is beginning to be placed on the testing list please sign up for the Dorms Usergroup or post a reply to the dorms classroom/teacher topic.


 Max Maztrex

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Max Maztrex
Academy Founder
Academy Founder
Max Maztrex

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PostSubject: Max Maztrex   Max Maztrex I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 02, 2015 10:16 pm

Hello everyone, I am Max Maztrex one of 2 Founders of this Academy. I am a duelist of both casual and competitive play, and used to be on the teams of ANR, DKCT. DKS, Team Dragon Soul, {Constellar}, and (Savior) and have been an admin of UDA (Ultimate Duel Academy), and mod of Numeron Domino Academy. I am the one who did most of the what you see on 4EDA (Forever Duel Academy). I welcome all of you to this duel Academy founded by me and Evan_Layne.

DN Name: Dark Magician Soul

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Max Maztrex
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